On this page, you will find video-tutorials devoted to the Go-Lab Ecosystem, its interfaces, and particular applications. Please note that the visual design of the Go-Lab Ecosystem has been changed in October 2017. Most of the videos demonstrate the old design. We are working on the new video-tutorials for you!

In this tutorial you will learn how you can configure tools to fit your learing needs. We configure the Hypothesis Tool for demonstration.  
This tutorial demonstrates the use of the Hypothesis Scratchpad. The Hypothesis Tool helps learners formulate hypotheses.
This is a tutorial for the Question tool. The Question tool helps learners formulate research questions.
The Concept Mapper lets learners create concept maps, to get an overview of the key concepts and their relations in a scientific domain. Learners can use pre-defined concepts or type their own.
This video demonstrates how to configure and edit the Concept Maper app.
This is a tutorial for the Experimental Design Tool (EDT). EDT supports planning scientific experiments and recording the results observed.
In this video you will learn how to use the observation tool. The observation tool allows your students to record observations they make during their investigation.
This is a tutorial for the Data Viewer. The Data Viewer provides features for learners to organise and visualise the data from experiments.
In this video you will learn how to use and edit the Table Tool. The Table Tool helps you create a table.
This video tutorial briefly explains the idea of modelling, and introduces the GoModel modelling app.