On this support website, you will find various materials to help you navigate and use the Go-Lab Ecosystem.  We provide you with the needed information to get personal support or participate in training events. The materials collected on this website include demo-videos, user manuals, informational pages, and  quick access to additional Go-Lab resources and communities.

More specifically, the support materials will provide you with all the information and resources you need to create your own Inquiry Learning Spaces and integrate the suitable tools for your learning scenarios. Additionally, you will find some useful pedagogical tips and learning scenarios in relation to inquiry learning, group work, critical thinking, peer- and self- assessment among others. The support website also keeps you up-to-date with the project's and platform's developments and news.

The support website contains three main areas as explained below. 

How to use Go-Lab

In this area, you will find multiple demo-videos explaining how to create an ILSs and how to set up inquiry learning apps. These demonstrative videos guide you throughout the whole process of navigating and using the Go-Lab Ecosystem. Furthermore, you can download the Support Manual, which is available in more than 15 languages, explaining the use of the Go-Lab Ecosystem with a step-by-step guide including screenshots. Finally, you can access the Go-Lab Online Course, providing extensive information about the different components and tools of the Go-Lab Ecosystem and presenting several examples of classroom scenarios.

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Pedagogical Tips

In this area, you will find pedagogical tips related to the Go-Lab Ecosystem and inquiry learning in general. The Inquiry Learning Cycle and the Big Ideas of Science are explained in their assigned web-pages. Different classroom scenarios are presented in the Go-Lab Classroom Scenarios Handbook in 15 different languages. Furthermore, you can use the scenarios' templates available on the dedicated web-pages, in order to create your ILSs.

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Join Go-Lab Community

This area provides information on how to join Go-Lab training activities and become an expert in the field of inquiry learning with online labs. Furthermore, here you will find the contact information of the project representatives in your country and will be able to join the international Go-Lab Online Community. Use these opportunities to find colleagues, share your experience with them, and receive support!

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