The Go-Lab Ambassadors are lead teachers promoting Inquiry-Based Science Education in their countries and training their colleagues in the use of online laboratories and the Go-Lab Sharing and Authoring platforms. The Go-Lab Ambassadors’ mission is to disseminate the Go-Lab Initiative at national level, presenting the Next-Lab project (who is funding the Go-Lab Initiative) and the Go-Lab platforms at conferences and events, as well as providing presence teacher training and online teacher support via helpdesk. The Go-Lab Ambassadors report to the Next-Lab project about their activities and attend the Ambassadors training in Brussels, where they get updates on the new features of the Go-Lab platforms and discuss their experience of working together with teachers in their countries.  You can find out more about the Go-Lab Ambassadors’ tasks here.

In March 2017, we published a Call for Ambassadors to select a leader for each of the following countries: Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey. (In other twelve pilot countries, National Expertise Centers will be operating, so there are no Go-Lab Ambassadors there). We have received multiple applications and we thank all applicants for their willingness to cooperate with Next-Lab and for putting effort in preparing the applications.

For those of you who have not been selected, we will soon publish more information on how to become a Go-lab Expert Teacher! These teachers will act as key dissemination nodes representing the Go-Lab Initiative and Next-Lab project, enlarging both the National Expertise Centres and the Go-Lab Ambassadors’ networks and acting as main contact point in schools.

Our congratulations go to the following selected Go-Lab Ambassadors:

Country Ambassador City
Belgium Fatiha Baki Geel
Bulgaria Svetla Mavrodieva Sofia
Croatia Ivana Gugić Zagreb
Czech Republic Helena Lazarová Český Těšín
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Silvana Ristevska Bitola
Germany Jörg Haas Augsburg
Germany Yonatan Berman Berlin
Hungary Filep Doina Otilia Megyaszó
Israel Stella Magid-Podolsky Haifa and Kfar Saba
Italy Stefano Macchia Sommariva del Bosco (Cuneo)
Latvia Ilze Šmate Pāle, Limbaži county
Lithuania Rigonda Skorulskiene Kaunas
Malta Geraldine Fsadni Rabat
Poland Malgorzata Maslowska Kalisz
Romania Lidia Ristea Boldesti-Scaeni
Serbia Nada Stojičević Pančevo
Slovakia Gabriela Krížovská Poprad
Sweden Preeti Gahlawat Stockholm
Switzerland Philippe Kobel Lausanne
Turkey Erkan Akar Aydin
Monday, 24. April 2017