Dear Go-Lab teachers,

First of all, I would like to share with you some news that made us feel really proud. After the final Go-Lab review in December, the European Commission classified the Go-Lab project as Excellent, the best evaluation a project can have. Due to its outstanding results and achievements. We fully realize that we have achieved this also thanks to your input and collaboration, so very many thanks for this!

As announced in our last communication we are now starting a new chapter, the Next-Lab project where, with your help, we plan to bring Go-Lab to the next level. The new project will allow us to invest in perfecting the tools and resources, in bringing more labs and apps to our repository and in helping you to excel in the construction of your ILSs. It is not definite as yet, but most probably we will simply keep using the name Go-Lab (and for our products so that we have a smooth continuation of our services.

We will soon start organizing a network of Next-Lab ambassadors where some of you will have the opportunity to accept a leading role in your countries and be in a position to represent us in your local communities. We have much appreciated the efforts of teachers who have acted so in the past and we hope we can continue such a scheme in Next-Lab as well.

We will also continue with the creation of online training courses and, with the support of our expertise centers and ambassadors, bring face-to-face training in many countries in Europe. We will start differentiating between beginners’ courses and more advanced Go-Lab courses which will combine introductions into pedagogical principles (inquiry learning, gamification, multimedia theory etc.) with hands-on practicing these principles in (re-)designing ILSs. A new type of course which we think will be exciting and stimulating.

In the meanwhile, the choices that offers are constantly increasing. Recently we passed the magical line of 500 ILSs published! We will soon publish an interview with the creator of ILS #500 and intend to have interviews with ILS creators regularly. The quality of the recently published ILSs is very good, you can check this out at (to the right under “sort by” select “newest” and you will see the latest ILSs).

We also have more and more languages available. If you miss your language and you would volunteer to add (parts) of it, pls contact us and we can show you our very supportive system (you need to check the automatic translations) for performing the translation.

If you have suggestions for us on how Next-Lab can support your efforts please don’t hesitate to send them to me, also if you need any help, please make sure you use our new tutoring and support channels. We have a team of experts always present to provide you with the necessary help.

Lots of news are going to reach your email periodically. We are currently working on simplifying the forms for publishing labs and ILSs, a new design of the apps is on its way, under the hood we are changing the technical set-up of Graasp so that you will see even better performance, and more apps will be added, and much more to come. More details will follow in the next newsletters.

We are looking forward for this new phase together.

You can download the newsletter here


Best regards,

Ton de Jong

Next-Lab coordinator

Tuesday, 21. February 2017