Dear Go-Lab Teachers,

It is almost summer! It’s time for some well-deserved holidays and Go-Lab updates.

First of all, very recently we reached an important milestone of ILS #1000 being published on Golabz. This ILS, named “Movimento Vertical De Queda E De Ressalto De Uma Bola” was created by Alvaro Barbosa based on a lab by Tassos Mikropoulos. You can find this ILS here. An interview with Alvaro is now online.


There is also important news about the look and feel of ILSs and some new authoring facilities in Graasp. The most visible change is the new standalone view which your students will use. As you can see in the image below the links to phases of the ILS are now at the left in a menu bar and we also made more space for displaying the content. This makes navigating for students easier and reduces the risk that students will miss phases.


Furthermore, there is more space to display text and pictures. The menu can be hidden by clicking the menu icon in the top left. General tools that are available in the ILS will now be displayed at the right side.


The cloud icon (top right corner, next to the user name) can be used to generate png images or pdf files, as well as static, read-only, or interactive EPUB eBooks of the content of the ILS. By using this functionality students can have access to the content of the ILS and their work while not being online.

Developers of an ILS can have their own student view by using the link (Page view) at the bottom of the Sharing window (see picture below). The advantage of using this view is that no “fake” standalone users will be created while testing the ILS and the standalone (student) users in your ILS will only be your students (and not you testing the ILS).


Another new feature is that apart from creating ILSs or Spaces there is now a third option “Create activity”. This option can be used to create other types of learning resources, like: a MOOC, an eBook, or structured spaces for Self-regulated learning or a Design thinking activities in domains not limited to STEM education. More detailed information about all these new features can be found here.

Training is one of the important activities in the Next-Lab project. We have many opportunities to train teachers in inquiry learning and the use of Go-Lab ecosystem. On Golabz you can find training modules and online support. Now, for dedicated support we also organize trainings that can be given at your school. These trainings come into three variants, a basic training and two advanced courses. Each module takes around 4 hours, so the time is manageable. One or more Go-Lab experts will visit your school and they will train the teachers in a very engaging and interactive way. You can find more information on these courses here. We are also preparing a Go-Lab premium membership. This membership will include personalized courses, two monitoring apps (e.g., to grade and have an overview of the quizzes in an ILS) and a fixed number of hours of individual support from a Go-Lab expert. Details and pricing will be available soon. We charge a price for these services to help sustain the Go-Lab ecosystem. However, Go-Lab is there for free and it will stay for free. Income generated through these activities is solely meant to contribute to maintaining the Go-Lab ecosystem.

Finally, I would like to call on you to vote for Go-Lab for the EU web awards #2019euWA. Golabz has been nominated for the .euWebAward 2019! Help us to become finalists by voting for us on the WebAward website! Please go to this website, scroll down to Nominees (or use the menu on top of the page), select LAURELS category, find and click on vote (or thumbs up emoji). You can vote till August 1st. It takes just a minute! Thank you very much for your support!


Ton de Jong
Next-Lab coordinator

Wednesday, 24. July 2019