Dear Go-Lab teachers,

I am happy to present to you the second Next-Lab newsletter. As you may recall, Next-Lab is the follow-up project of Go-Lab in which we will extend the Go-Lab software (that we will keep under the name Go-Lab) and work on its large-scale implementation. In terms of labs and inquiry spaces, Go-Lab keeps growing with now more than 550 ILS published. The latest ILSs are often very nicely designed. I kindly invite you to check out a few on, then sort by “newest” and you will see the latest published ILSs which, I think, can serve as a nice source of inspiration.

Go-Lab Logo


We now also have a definitive logo for Next-Lab which you can see here to the right. Also, the colors of the Go-Lab logo have been adapted and now looks very contemporary again (see above). Soon we will have now brochures and leaflets that we will distribute for you through the (upcoming) Next-Lab website.

Next-Lab Logo


We also have a few new apps to announce. First, a completely new app is the modeling tool. With this tool students can create their own running models based on the system dynamics approach. You can check it out here: Second, the old questionnaire app has been replaced by a new app, that is a genuine Go-Lab app and works like you are used from the other apps, this is the link: With this app, called Quest, you can make your own surveys for students and, in Graasp, get overviews of what your students have responded. Finally, we used to have an entry and an input box, both basically offering the same functionality. Now this is one app, called the input box: In all cases, if you have used the “old” entry box or the “old” survey tool, they will keep working in your ILSs. And for the (near) future, a very nice “peer assessment” app is currently being tested, and we hope to release it soon. In the future, it will also be possible for students to create their own Go-Lab Eportfolio. Under the hood, we are changing technology so to make ILS load faster than they currently do.

Regularly teachers send us information about their activities with Go-Lab. Mohammed Oubella, for example, will present Go-Lab at the 12th edition of the Colloquium of the EEA Club dedicated to the Teaching of Information Technologies and Systems. This event will take place on May 3-4 at the École Supérieure du Professorship et de l'Education on the Le Mans campus, in partnership with the Claude Chappe Computer Institute and the Le Mans Acoustique Institute. Congratulations to Mohammed and if you have yourself something you think is interesting for us to know, pls send me an email!

You can download the newsletter here

Best regards,

Ton de Jong

Next-Lab coordinator

Saturday, 29. April 2017