Thousands of schools all over the world remain closed for the next weeks or even months due to the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic. Headmasters, heads of school departments, and teachers are facing the challenge of switching to e-teaching within days. This includes finding suitable learning platforms and tools, finding and/or creating digital learning content, introducing electronic communication tools and procedures, and many other tasks. Schools are urgently looking for free digital learning resources, which could simplify their lives in these uneasy for everyone days.

In order to support schools and teachers in delivering online education, Go-Lab invites all schools and teachers to use the Go-Lab Ecosystem. Here you will find the world’s largest collection of free online laboratories for teaching STEM subjects from the leading providers. Furthermore, you will be able to easily create virtual learning scenarios for each classroom session (the so-called Inquiry Learning Spaces), containing online labs, inquiry learning apps, and any other multimedia learning content. More than 1,000 customizable ready-to-use spaces are available in many languages for you to save your time. The Go-Lab Ecosystem and its tools are free of charge and will remain free of charge after the pandemic. You can keep using it for free as long as you want.

In addition to the free online labs, our offer includes premium online labs for upper secondary schools and high schools, which are usually available as a yearly school subscription. Thanks to our cooperation partner LabsLand, we are now offering these premium labs free of charge for schools affected by COVID-19 (at least) till summer 2020. Please follow this link to access the collection of premium remote labs for free. Using these labs, your students will be able to access real laboratory equipment remotely via a web interface, operate real robots, conduct experiments on radioactivity, kinematics, and many other subjects. Try it out!

Also our premium apps, the App Overview and Quiz Overview, are available free of charge for the time of the pandemic. The App Overview displays students' entries in other apps included in a learning space in one dashboard. You can chose if you would like to view the results of all students together or of each student separately. The Quiz Overview gives a summary of all the quizzes contained in a learning space and allows to grade students' answers; total and average scores are computed automatically. Checking and grading students' work has never been so easy!

Go-Lab demo video (click to watch)

Don’t know how to start? Here is a short start guide for you!

  1. Choose an online lab or an Inquiry Learning Space (ILS) suitable for your class at the Go-Lab Sharing Platform:
  2. Click the “Create Space” button on the online lab page or the “Duplicate Space” button on the ILS page (you will be forwarded to the Go-Lab Authoring Platform)
  3. Register or sign in to the Go-Lab Authoring Platform:
  4. Customize your ILS according to your lesson plan, adding online labs, learning apps, and other resources. To help us save capacity, for now we ask you to make simple ILSs, not using too many resources in one space
  5. Select the “Sharing” tab and click the “Show standalone view” button to view your ILS and share it with your students

Have a look at our Support page: here you will find detailed support materials, including demo-videos and a customizable user manual, which you can download in your language.

If you have questions or experience any problems using Go-Lab, please contact us using the helpdesk button in the bottom right corner of your screen (visible at and

Monday, 16. March 2020