From the 5th till the 8th of March 2019, the partners of the Next-Lab project welcomed 29 Teacher Training Institutions (TTIs) representatives from all over Europe. The TTIs were interested in sharing their Go-Lab implementations and getting further engaged in promoting the use of online and remote labs in science education. The Go-Lab Winter School 2019 took place in Cascais, Portugal and was a highly collaborative and interactive experience.


The winter school was tailored to the various needs of two very different target groups; beginners, new to the Next-Lab project and with very little (or no experience) in the use of Go-Lab, and implementers experienced TTIs that have already incorporated the Go-Lab Ecosystem as part of their institutions’ curriculum.

The goal was for the participants to network and share good practices while receiving further training on the use of virtual and remote laboratories, as well as inquiry-based science teaching techniques to help them develop, improve and enhance their Go-Lab implementations.

The Go-Lab Winter School participants enjoyed a series of hands-on workshops, including topics such as effective examples on how to introduce inquiry to teachers, inter/multidisciplinary approaches in school education, what makes a good ILS, learning analytics and differentiation in ILSs.


Next-Lab TTIs got the opportunity to present their national experiences and worked with other colleagues from across Europe, to discuss new ideas and possible future collaborations. By the end of the week, participants had created numerous learning scenarios and shared experiences, which encompassed all the essential features for a successful inquiry-based multidisciplinary science teaching.


Additionally, participants enjoyed a cultural visit to the Belém area (Lisbon) and tasted the traditional (and delicious) Pastéis de Belém!

Friday, 29. March 2019