On August 23rd, 2018, a full-day Go-Lab workshop was successfully held at the Science Education Center of the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). A total of around 60 in-service teachers, mainly primary and secondary, attended the workshop. The attendees' teaching subjects included Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, General Science, Computer Technologies, English, Chinese, etc.

During the first half of the workshop, the instructors introduced inquiry-based science learning and how it will fit into Taiwan's 12-Year Basic Education Curricula that will be effective in 2019. Go-Lab, as an online inquiry-based science learning system, was then introduced to the attendees in terms of various useful labs, apps, and spaces.

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During the second half of the workshop, the instructors shared the features and the usages of Graasp. Then, the attendees were divided into groups by their field of expertise and worked together to create ILSs of their own. Lastly, several teachers volunteered to share their co-creation of ILSs.

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The workshop concluded with teachers filling out the online questionnaire about the workshop. In general, the attendees gave fairly positive feedbacks both about the Go-Lab Ecosystem and the workshop.

Written by Debra Chen.

Tuesday, 4. September 2018