The Go-Lab team conducted an interview with Koukoudis Vasileios, the creator of the 1100th published ILS: The Power of Static Electricity, "Η Δύναμη Του Στατικού Ηλεκτρισμού".



1. What motivated you to create your new ILS?

When I learned about Inquiry Learning Spaces, I thought that it was a very interesting teaching method and therefore I decided to give it a try.


2. Was developing your first ILS more or less challenging that in previous occasions?

Developing an ILS was a challenge for me, but like everything it is only at the beginning.


3. Did you receive any particular training to create this ILS?

I had experience in creating dynamic web sites and LMS, therefore I was provided only with a presentation of what is an ILS.


4. We were informed by a TIWI partner from Cyprus that you worked on this ILS in relation to TIWI MOOC. Could you elaborate on how Teaching ICT with Inquiry (TIWI) inspired you? How do you integrate programming/coding in your teaching?

I studied Physics and Information Engineering. Combining programming/coding in teaching physics sounded logical to do and TIWI helped me put the pieces together.


5. What criteria did you choose to build your ILS on? Have your students’ preferences influenced your choice?

My criteria was adapting my ILS to my student’s age, knowledge, experience and abilities.


6. Did you already implement your ILS in the classroom? If yes, what was your students’ reaction?

I have not yet had the chance to implement it but my plan is to try it in the near future.


7. What would be your advice to teachers willing to create their first ILS?

Don’t be scared to try it. Technically, it is much easier than it seems and it’s a lot of fun to create ILS. (If you like creating.)


Check out the ILS here.

Tuesday, 26. November 2019