Next-Lab is proud to reveal the winning names of their STEM Discovery Week 2018 competition. This year, Next-Lab participated in the STEM Discovery Week 2018 with a very hands-on competition, meant to reward the best class implementation of the Go-Lab Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs)!

Here are the four winners:


Fractions: find the mistake

Daniela Leone from Italy

Description: A class of lower secondary school students implemented an ILS about Mathematics using the "find the mistake" scenario. The investigation goes through several representations of fractions made by students with GeoGebra after analysing multiple-choice questions used in the INVALSI national evaluation tests. Bologna university Math students helped IC9 students to prepare their resources during a training session held at school.

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Optical Illusion

Margaryta Kalyuzhna from Ukraine

Description: In this, project students learn about optical illusion and how to create their own Op Art.

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Stars' Light

Constantin Lucian Vladescu from Romania

Description: In this online lesson, students use investigation as a learning strategy in order to connect concepts from different subjects they are taught in school with daily life phenomena. This learning space also helps to understand the space-time relationship to an astronomic level.

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Time Paradox

Georgi Pregiov from Bulgaria

Through this ILS, students have the opportunity to learn about the paradox of time.

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The four winners are invited to attend the Go-Lab Summer School in Marathon (GR) from 07.07.2019 -12.07.2019.

Wednesday, 19. December 2018