This summer, Go-Lab as you know it will come to an end. Our underlying technology approaches the end of its life cycle and cannot be maintained anymore. But there is also good news! The EPFL team has developed a fully new and technologically up-to-date version of Graasp ( and you could adapt your existing ILS to this new version. You will also be able to create new ILSs or any other learning activities and share them worldwide with the new Graasp built-in library.
This is the first Go-Lab newsletter of 2022! Learn about the new Labs, Apps, and ILSs. Use the opportunity to check the new Graasp authoring environment!
This is the second Go-Lab newsletter of 2021! Learn about the upates in Graasp, Apps, Labs, and ILSs... And celebrate together with us Go-Lab joining a global UNESCO project!  
This is the first Go-Lab newsletter of 2021! Read the news about the Apps, Labs and ILS... Get the latest on the Go-Lab Ecosystem and the upcoming Summer School in Greece!      
Welcome to the final Go-Lab newsletter of this year. A year that we never had expected to be like it turned out to be, with also large consequences for our educational system...
Read all about Go-Lab's latest news and updates includingthe Go-Lab premium membership, the added Labs and ILSs, and the new features in Apps.    
In the fourth Go-Lab Newsletter 2020, you can read about premium apps, Graasp updates and much more!
In this special Go-Lab Newsletter, you will learn all about the updates and changes to the Go-Lab ecosystem to better support distance learning.
Go-Lab's cooperation partner Learn STEM Initiative invites school teachers and headmasters to participate in the new online course on “Innovative school education for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)” starting on Marth 26th, 2020. Meet your old friend Go-Lab in the third week of the course as well as in the online live event on April 21st, 2020!
Thousands of schools all over the world remain closed for the next weeks or even months due to the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic. In order to support them in delivering online education, we invite all schools and teachers to use the Go-Lab Ecosystem for online STEM teaching. The platform and all tools (including premium ones) are available free of charge.