ESPE is the Higher School of Teaching and Education of Alençon, a graduate school of the University of Caen, Normandy.

The Higher School of Teaching and Education (ESPE) opened its doors in 2013 and offers all courses preparing for the trades of the National Education, in addition to other professions of training and education. This superior school, located in the three departments of Bas-Normand, Alençon, and Caen, provides through its network of institutions in partnership with the Academy of Caen, professional quality and proximity. With its contemporary pedagogical approaches to training and its individualization of training courses, ESPE considers teaching a profession that is learned. With the support of small-scale practice analysis groups, co-supervised by field professionals and professors from the University of Caen Normandy, ESPE offers integrative work-based training.

Master Trades of Education, Education and Training:
- A professional master with an alternation integration
- Training in/through educational research with the writing of a professionally oriented research paper

Lessons are organized around:
- Knowledge to teach and learn
- The educational context
- From training to and through research
- Professional scenarios