Go-Lab will be offering online training modules to replace the previous Go-Lab online course. Here is an introduction to the new Training Modules. We will be adding the links as soon as they become available.


The Training Modules are designed to support beginner and advanced teachers to make the best use of the Go-Lab ecosystem. The modules provide teachers with the technical "know how" and the pedagogical framework of Go-Lab.

The modules are created as Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs) in Graasp, Go-Lab's Authoring and Learning platform, to provide you with a real feel of the ecosystem and how students work with Go-Lab. Please sign up to Graasp.eu for free to be able to access the modules. 

Eight Training Modules are offered, of which 3 are informative and 5 are exemplary modules.

  • Informative modules provide you with information about technical aspects or pedagogical concepts offered in the Go-Lab ecosystem.
  • Exemplary modules are examples of real student ILSs, with a section dedicated to teachers at each phase, explaining the rationale behind the pedagogical and technical design of the ILS, as well as additional phase hints.

The table below provides an overview of the offered Go-Lab online training modules.

Module ID Module Title Module Type
TM1 Your first Inquiry Learning Space (ILS) Informative
TM2 The Basic Inquiry Learning Scenario Exemplary
TM3 Promoting Cooperation: Jigsaw Scenario Exemplary
TM4 Promoting Collaboration: Six Thinking Hats Scenario Informative
TM5 Promoting Collaboration: Learning by Critiquing Scenario Exemplary
TM6 Using Learning Analytics in your ILS Informative
TM7 Promoting Self-Assessment in your ILS Exemplary
TM8 Structured Controversy for a Flipped Classroom Exemplary

1  If you are new to Go-Lab, we recommend that you complete the first two training modules first.