On this page, you will find video-tutorials devoted to the Go-Lab Ecosystem, its interface, and particular applications. Please note that most of the videos have been updated in September 2018, to reflect the changes made to the Go-Lab Ecosystem. We are working on the new demo-videos for you!

This video demonstrates how to edit and configure the Time Planner App.
This video presents the app "Time Checker". Students can follow-up and reflect on the time they have spent in each inquiry phase.
This video presents the inquiry learning app "Timeline App". You can follow-up on the time learners spent in each inquiry phase.
This video presents the inquiry learning app "Phase Transitions". With this app, students can check when and for how long they have visited the inquiry phases.
This is a tutorial for the Conclusion Tool. The Conclusion Tool supports learners by referring them back to their hypotheses and uploading the related data results and collected resources required to formulate conclusions.
This tutorial demonstrates how to configure the Conclusion Tool. 
This video presents the inquiry learning app "Report Tool". The Report Tool supports learners to create the final report of their work.
This video shows you how to configure the Report Tool.
General introduction to the SpeakUp mobile app. SpeakUp promotes and organizes interactions in the classroom without the hassle of signing up or logging in.
Tutorial on how to use and set up the SpeakUp app in a Go-Lab Inquiry Learning Space (ILS). SpeakUp can be used as part of your ILS to support brainstorming, class and social interactions.