In the video "Why you Should Use Go-Lab", Ton de Jong, coordinator of the Next-Lab project, presents several arguments for using Go-Lab in your school or university. Learn how Go-Lab has great benefits for your students, as well as your teachers and community.

Summary of the video: Why you Should Use Go-Lab

Why you should use Go-Lab

If you are a teacher using or planning to use inquiry learning in your science classes…

If you like your students to become engaged learners by means of inquiry because they will acquire (deeper) conceptual knowledge and be more motivated….

If you think online labs and online teaching is the way to go…

And… you know you need to support your students in the inquiry process…

THEN… you should consider using the Go-Lab ecosystem!

Go-Lab offers…

  • The world’s largest collection of online labs in one portal, due to its cooperation with international lab providers.
  • A unique set of apps to support students in the inquiry process and acquiring 21st century skills, such as collaboration, reflection and assessment.
  • Authoring facilities to create learning experiences for students as you like them to be
  • A community platform to exchange information and share products
  • A unique set of tutoring facilities for teachers

Go-Lab also offers…

  • > 600 Online Labs (virtual labs, remote labs, data sets) covering most STEM subjects and all Big Ideas of Science These are available in various languages and for students from the age of 7 to 18+.
  • > 40 Apps (scaffolds/tools) to enable students to perform tasks they need support with or find difficult solving alone such as formulating hypothesis, designing an experiment, writing a report… More importantly, Apps can be customized and configured. The level of support a teacher uses in these Apps can be changed (faded), making it suitable to accommodate to the students’ needs and skills.
    • Inquiry Apps cover all the phases of the inquiry process or cycle: Orientation, Conceptualization, Investigation, Conclusion, Discussion and Reflection
    • 21st Century Apps facilitate collaboration, reflection and assessment. Using the Student View, students can reflect on the time they have spent on a lesson or activity. They can also reflect on their work and learning process. Teachers have a special Teacher View and can use these Apps to follow up on the students as a class, and on individual students.
  • A full learning experience for the students, where teachers can put Online Labs, Apps and other resources (images, videos, articles…) together in one Inquiry Learning Space (ILS) or online lesson. Go-Lab’s Authoring and Learning platform, Graasp, allows teachers to put together all these resources, and share them in one ILS with the students.

With Go-Lab, you are not alone…

  • Go-Lab offers you a co-authoring possibility, where you can collaborate with other teachers to create an ILS in Graasp.
  • Go-Lab has more than 1000 published Spaces (ILSs) on for you to copy, modify and re-use. You don’t always have to start from scratch!
  • You can subscribe to the Go-Lab Community, where you can meet other people from all over the world sharing your interest in Go-Lab. You can share expertise and learn from each other.
  • Go-Lab’s tutoring and support facilities are available on These include technical know-how support with videos and tips and tricks to help create your ILS and configure the apps, as well as pedagogical support and training options.

Need more?

  • You can inspect the work of each individual student and follow-up on their progress.
  • You can provide individual feedback to each student.
  • Do you want to follow-up on your students’ work outside the class? We have the apps to support you. You can easily use ILSs in a flipping the classroom setting.
  • You are not bound by one language. Make your ILSs in your own language.
  • Do you want to use an App from outside our collection? No problem, you can add third party apps in your lessons.
  • Do you want more scenario than just an inquiry scenario? Go-Lab has that too!