The Go-Lab Ecosystem (or the Go-Lab Sharing and Authoring Platform) targets science teachers from primary and secondary schools and aims to help them enrich their teaching practices with innovative teaching approaches and supportive technical tools. The Go-Lab Ecosystem consists of the two main components:

The Go-Lab Sharing and Support Platform provides a large collection of quality-proven remote and virtual laboratories (“Labs”), shared by renowned research institutions and technology providers from all over the world. These online labs allow students conducing scientific experiments in a virtual environment. Furthermore, multiple web-applications (“Apps”) are offered, supporting students in their inquiry learning activities and teachers in the preparation, implementation, and monitoring of these activities. Finally, teachers have a possibility to share Inquiry Learning Spaces (“Spaces”) they create for their students with other teachers, so they can benefit from ready-to-use scenarios available for different subject domains and in different languages.

The Go-Lab Authoring and Learning Platform enables teachers to easily create Inquiry Learning Spaces, which are virtual spaces, structured according to the phases of the inquiry learning process and containing online labs, inquiry learning apps, and any other multimedia learning materials selected by the teacher. These spaces can be shared by the teacher with her students, so they can study individually or in groups, going through all steps of a research process and conducting online experiments. Moreover, using the learning analytics applications, the teacher can monitor the progress of the students and provide support, if needed. Communication and collaboration tools for teachers and students are available as well.

A glossary of the Go-Lab terms is available here: Next-Lab Glossary

A list of technical requirements (browser, operation system, internet connection) to be able to make full use of the Golabz platform is available here: Technical Requirements


The Go-Lab Ecosystem was developed in scope of the research and innovation project Go-Lab (Global Online Science Labs for Inquiry Learning at School), which was co-funded by the European Commission (7th Framework Programme, Grant agreement No 317601). Currently, the platform is being further developed in scope of the innovation project Next-Lab (Next Generation Stakeholders and Next Level Ecosystem for Collaborative Science Education with Online Labs; co-funded by the European Commission, Horizon2020, Grant agreement No 731685) and GO-GA (Go-Lab goes Africa co-funded by the European Commission, Horizon2020, Grant agreement No 781012).

The Go-Lab Initiative, its development and related projects are presented in the video below by Next-Lab's project coordinator, Ton de Jong.