Starting from June 15, 2017, the online campaign “Meet and greet Go-Lab Ambassadors” will be taking place in the social media channels of the Go-Lab community – in Facebook and Twitter. The aim of this campaign is to introduce the Go-Lab Ambassadors (supported by Next-Lab) and their work to the Teaching Community.

Go-Lab Ambassadors are selected for the whole duration of the Next-Lab project (2017-2019) in order to support implementation of the Go-Lab Ecosystem and outreach on their country level. The core purpose of the Go-Lab Ambassadors is to inform about Next-Lab project and Go-Lab Ecosystem their peers – STEM teachers in their respective countries - extending project’s coverage throughout Europe. They will present and promote Next-Lab and Go-Lab for schools and national teachers associations, on conferences and workshops, and will advise teachers how to get involved and use the Go-Lab Ecosystem in their teaching.

Go-Lab Ambassadors’ tasks include carrying out teacher trainings and online trainings, analysing resources available in the Go-Lab Ecosystem and providing feedback on the project’s new tools and dissemination activities, such as informal presentations, networking meetings or sharing of materials, presenting Next-Lab and Go-Lab at national, regional or local events!

Wednesday, 14. June 2017